Photo by Leela Cyd Interview by Megan Waldrep Q&A with: MOON DIVER  *Play while reading: The band Mood Diver takes the term “start-up” to another level. They not only […]

Plato’s Gymnasium

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing [The management would like to introduce this week’s essay with a clarifying aside. The theme of the piece is “Jeff’s return to the gym […]

Caught by the Bus

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing Some years ago our white Honda station wagon died. Well, not exactly. A mere 72 hours of curbside quiescence and she was expensively tagged […]

Hair Today

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing Yeah, baby. You’ve probably seen me promenading about this American Riviera in my ill-advisedly tight black tee-shirt and ancient Chuck Taylors, strutting down State […]

Homecoming Royalty

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing By the time we arrive in the late afternoon, honey-colored autumn sunlight is slanting into the Santa Barbara Courthouse’s grand arched breezeway, painting the […]