Once Upon Our Time

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing It’s said that in all the vast panoply of living things on Earth, only the human animal is conscious of the fact that death […]


Photo by Leela Cyd Interview by Megan Waldrep Q&A with: MOON DIVER  *Play while reading: https://soundcloud.com/moondivermusic The band Mood Diver takes the term “start-up” to another level. They not only […]

Plato’s Gymnasium

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing [The management would like to introduce this week’s essay with a clarifying aside. The theme of the piece is “Jeff’s return to the gym […]

Caught by the Bus

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing Some years ago our white Honda station wagon died. Well, not exactly. A mere 72 hours of curbside quiescence and she was expensively tagged […]

Hair Today

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing Yeah, baby. You’ve probably seen me promenading about this American Riviera in my ill-advisedly tight black tee-shirt and ancient Chuck Taylors, strutting down State […]

Homecoming Royalty

State Street Scribe by Jeff Wing By the time we arrive in the late afternoon, honey-colored autumn sunlight is slanting into the Santa Barbara Courthouse’s grand arched breezeway, painting the […]