MUSIC: Q&A with Jordan Rosenthal of Fortunate Youth

by Megan Waldrep

Based out of LA, this six piece band had their last album, Don’t Think Twice, hit #1 on the Billboard charts and just released their first music video, “Midnight Lover” at the beginning of this year. Hot and heavy guitar solos, unique bass lines, and harmonies round out their vibe that keeps people dancing and wanting more. Drummer Jordan Rosenthal (super nice guy) takes five with us before sound check at SOhO.

When were you first introduced to reggae music?

My older brother was kinda the head of the punk rock scene and punk rock, ska, and reggae always go hand in hand, as much as they are different. I remember in 5th grade, stealing his CDs and really getting into reggae music. Since he chose punk rock, I chose more ska and reggae, but if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have known any of the bands.

What was the first band you joined?

I moved to Las Vegas when I was 13, and I was lucky enough…the first band I ever started became one of the biggest bands in Vegas for 10 years. It was great.

You guys all came from various reggae back grounds before joining the band. How did Fortunate Youth come together?

The band really started from two bands in California. When the bands broke up, (the remaining members) got together at a birthday party for Jared Segawa (their current manager) and the band kinda formed at that birthday party. Then I joined about a year or so later and we’ve been going strong ever since for five plus years.

So just like that?

Yeah. I had known them before from playing in Las Vegas, so I pretty much I hit them up and said, “Jared, if you ever need a drummer, let me know.” And he said, “Well our drummer just quit and we’re going on a 50 day tour in five days.” So it all worked itself out.

What’s your fave song to play live?

Everyone has their favorites. I love songs that incorporates other bands to play with us, at a festival or show, where everyone comes on stage and sings. We’ll get guest horn players and guest vocalists and it will turn into this fifteen minute song with everyone up on stage singing and dancing. It’s great to watch and great to be a part of of. It’s just fun!

Fortunate Youth

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