Music: Q&A and REVIEW with “Rymo” of Slightly Stoopid

by Megan Waldrep

San Francisco born and San Rafael raised Ryan Moran (“Rymo”) is the drummer for rock, reggae, funk, punk, blues, hip-hop, and metal band Slightly Stoopid. They have been tearing up a summer tour all over the country and now, there coming home. See Slightly Stoopid at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Sunday, August 16, with special guests Dirty Heads and Stick Figure. From the interview below, it will be a serious good time.

Q: So you’re a California boy through and through. That means you must have been to Santa Barbara before.

A: I love Santa Barbara.

What do you like most about it?

Surf. Lots of good waves there. I had friends that went to UCSB, so we had some chance to get some waves and check out a few bars and things like that. (Slightly Stoopid) has passed through and played some venues, but the Bowl has always been my favorite, of course.

What’s your favorite surf spots here?

Probably Rincon but Sands and Campus Point are two other spots. Santa Barbara’s always been a nice place to visit.  My family used to drive us down in the summers and take us for surfs and get a hotel on Cabrillo right near the water front.

What is your favorite song to play?

Aw man, that’s hard. I like to play everything we do because it’s a variety of stuff but I guess my personal favorites would be Closer to the Sun, Collie Man is another personal favorite. Of the new songs, Hold It Down and Life Rolls On are fun to play. There’s a handful of great ones. It’s hard to choose.

What bands are you listening to right now?

The Dirty Heads. We’re on the road with them right now so I hear them every night. They’re really great musicians and great guys. Those boys are doing a really great job.

What is your most memorable performance?

That’s hard to narrow down, but anytime you’re stepping into bigger and better venues is always good. We’ve paid our dues over the years, playing in dive bars for 200 people, then growing into 1000 seat clubs or 2000 seat clubs. Now we’re able to do outdoor venues such as the Santa Barbara Bowl and we’re doing Red Rocks this week. It’s always an exciting step when we’re playing a new, cool, outdoor, summer amphitheater. That’s one of the most exciting things.

What can you share with our readers about performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl?

It’s always a fun, high energy show. All of us are pumped because it’s closer to home. It just feels great. We’ve been all over the East Coast for the last three weeks. It’s nice, but for us it’s a little more special when we are on the West Coast. We’re going to keep it high energy, keep people excited, drink some beers, smoke a little smoke, and have some fun.

One of several founding members, Miles Doughty on the lead. Photo Credit: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 8/16/2015. Photo by Megan Waldrep
“Seeing Red.” Kyle McDonald, original member since ’95. Photo Credit: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 8/16/2015. Photo by Megan Waldrep
Kyle McDonald up close and personal. Photo Credit: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 8/16/2015. Photo by Megan Waldrep

Megan Waldrep is a freelance writer and columnist for the Santa Barbara Sentinel. She also writes under the pen name Elizabeth Rose for a dating column called I Heart.

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