Music: Q&A with The Caverns

by Megan Waldrep

We heard about The Caverns through George Pendergast of Dishwalla (our last Q&A rockstar), and when we clicked on a YouTube performance, we were blown away. Formed through Pendergast’s Rockshop Academy, Alyssa Davey on bass, Maxton Schulte on drums, and Sam Kulchin on guitar, each member contributes to vocals creating a tight bunch of musicians that need to be heard.

1. What has been your most memorable performance?

Our most memorable performance was Rockshop Academy’s Rockstock II at Rancho Dos Pueblos where we opened up for Rebelution and Iration. It was one of the largest audiences we’ve played for, and the crowds response was so rewarding. 

2. What is your favorite song to sing/play live and why?

One of our favorite songs to play live is CCR’s version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.” We often extend it past 8 minutes and we all get to improvise and play off of each other. It sounds different every show, and has been a set staple for a long time. 

3. What would you like for people to know about you? 

One of the questions we are asked at almost every performance is, “Why are you playing all these old rock songs? Did your parents show you this music?” The truth is we discovered it on our own. This is the music that we connect with the most as musicians as well as listeners… Even before we picked up instruments. Modern music can be kind of lackluster, so sometimes you have to look back to find the good stuff. And it’s amazing to us how timeless classic rock is. It holds up so well today, and that’s what really inspires us as players. 

The Caverns

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