Music: Q&A with El Ten Eleven

by Megan Waldrep

The Los Angeles duo of Kristian Dunn (double-neck and bass guitar) and Tim Fogarty (drums) are supporting their 2015 release Fast Forward. The lead track off the album, “Peter and Jack” debuted this summer on noted music site, The twosome will take the Velvet Jones stage on Friday, December 11th. Tim takes five to give us the low down.

I was just talking to my writer friend about how it feels to go over a finished piece of work. Has there ever been a song or songs you’ve recorded and looking back, wanted to tweak?

Oh my God, yeah. Every one.

Every one? Well, how do you make it “OK”?

(Laughing) I usually don’t. But there’s always playing it live, so we have that. The live versions of our songs are more of what they should sound like, for the most part. To me, at least, songs are never really done. Sometimes you have to just stop and record it. Kristian always makes fun of me because I’m constantly saying the songs aren’t done. He’s like, “Dude. It’s fine.”

What was your first concert?

Johnny Cash.

Wow. You were blessed!

I know. I got lucky. It was in Cheyenne Wyoming. My grandmother lives in Colorado. I was eight when she took me to the rodeo and Johnny Cash was playing.

El Ten Elven at Velvet Jones

423 State Street, Santa Barbara

(805) 965-8676

Instagram: @velvetjonesb

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