Music: Q&A with Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

Photo by Travis Shinn

Interview by Megan Waldrep

Santa Barbara resident Martin Gore is a founding member of the electronic supergroup, Depeche Mode. This multi-talented musician has been creating musical art since the late ‘70s and is noted for his singing, songwriting (“Personal Jesus”, anyone?), guitar, and keyboard skills. On top of that, he’s a producer, remixer, and DJ. His new instrumental album, MG,  was just released this Spring. As a Godfather of electronic sound, you can expect the best. Martin Gore takes five with the Sentinel – British accent on point.

Q. You’re from England, so what made you decide to move to SB?

A. At the time I wanted to move to California but I’ve always hated Los Angeles with a passion and I go there as little as I possibly can. Somebody suggested Santa Barbara and that was it, there was no turning back. I’ve lived here 16 years now.

What’s is your favorite part of performing?

We are really spoiled with our audiences. (Depeche Mode) finished a tour last March and we played all over the world, America once and Europe twice. It’s amazing to be on stage and feel that enthusiasm and love.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Oh gosh…to stop drinking quite a few years earlier than I did!

That’s great advice. Thank you for your honesty!

Megan Waldrep is a freelance writer and columnist for the Santa Barbara Sentinel. She also writes under the pen name Elizabeth Rose for a dating column called I Heart.

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