MUSIC: REVIEW Aerosmith at the Santa Barbara Bowl

What. A. Show. Examine every video or picture you’ve ever seen of the band in action and that’s what you get on stage. Lead signer Steven Tyler, lead guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford, and Buck Johnson on keyboards gave the audience their money’s worth and more. Favorite songs such as “Dude Looks LIke A Lady”, “Love In An Elevator”, “Last Child”, and “Walk This Way” among other hits kept everyone on their feet. For the encore, Tyler performed “Dream On” a white grand piano, which he later climbed upon, turning into a mini stage as he launched into “Sweet Emotion” for the finale. The boys from Boston performed to the very last drop, ending the show at 9:59 pm – just before Santa Barbara Bowl’s 10 pm curfew – giving the audience one last minute to catch their breath before heading home. Let the pictures speak for themselves.My hearts just dropped...Oh Steven

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