Music: Q&A and LIVE with Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith

Tom Hamilton, bassist for Aerosmith, is a founding father of what is said to be one of the hardest working bands in the history of rock ‘n roll. He sits down with the Local for a chat and gives a peek into the psyche of a rockstar, four-decades deep. (Catch Aerosmith on the Blue Army tour at the Santa Barbara Bowl on July 7th. Guitarist, Joe Perry says, “The name Blue Army came from the fact that ‘everyone’ in our audience from the 70’s were wearing blue denim and it looked like a sea of blue, thus The Blue Army.”

Q: So you’ve never been to Santa Barbara?

A: Um, no. Well, we may have gone there some time in the last…decades but I can’t remember. I’m looking forward to finally seeing what it’s like.

You’ll have a view of the ocean while you play. It’s sick!

Ah, Nice!

Yeah. Right now I have my Blue Army Tour gear on. All denim, so I’m ready to go.

Great! Yeah, I thought it would be pretty neat if people wore denim to the shows. That would be really cool.

I’m rambling a bit. My apologies…

It’s cool.

Thanks, Mr. Hamilton. What would you like our readers to know about Aerosmith?

I’d like your readers to know that we’re a band that has been playing for four decades and we know how to put on a rock show. I hate to sound like a bragging sales person, but you know, we’re gonna play a show that people are really gonna like. I remember being a kid and imagining what certain bands would be like (in concert). And I was often disappointed. Even when I saw Led Zepplin or Cream. We’re not like that. We really work hard to play our songs in way to make people really feel like they’ve heard it done right. It’s a simple tool, but that it.

Hey, it works! Everyone win’s in that situation.

(Laughing) Yeah!

Joe Perry tearin’ it up on a custom Gibson repping his wife’s image with pride. Photo: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 7/7/2015
Our Q&A man, Tom Hamilton on bass. Photo: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 7/7/2015
Steven Tyler in quintessential form. Photo: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 7/7/2015
Sentinel spirit animal, Steven Tyler in all his glory. Photo: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Bowl 7/7/2015